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...and here's the new look.

Passing time at work listening to some tunes! That day was AC/DC
and System of a Down, but my musical selections can go all over the place.

These photos, taken March 21, 2014, are some of the last photos of me with long hair. A friend of mine had talked me into doing a complete fashion makeover, including cutting my hair (which I had long for almost twenty years). If I was going to cut it, I was definitely going to donate it, so it went to Pantene Beautiful Lengths program for making wigs for cancer patients.

Me in the backyard of my house in Albany, NY

Letting my hair down

Halloween make-up still on

Some people tell me they really like my lips

Having fun, playing in the snow

I can also be serious too

Recent as of December 1, 2009

Donning my professional attire

I was recently made Godfather to my friend's daughter, so I dressed appropriately! (Spring 2013)

Holding my poster at the Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington D.C. 10/30/2010
You have to admit, I'm self-confident, and creative! (and thankfully have strong enough arms to keep that 3' x 4' sail of a sign from getting away from me!).

My friends would tell you that I'm a lot of fun to be around. But everyone is different, so you'll just have to decide for youself. Tell me what's on your mind. Write to me at, and tell me what you think. About any of this. I would very much like to know, whether good or bad. Would you like me to keep you posted as I update this site? Let me know. Hope to hear from you.

- Ray