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Clearly, regular blogging has not been my focus. I've also decided that it might not be appropriate to blog about everyone I meet, since some people may wish to keep their relationship with me a personal matter, not for public consumption. Since last I 'blogged,' I've dated and enjoyed the affections of a few people, but have not yet found the "mother of my children" that I seek. Of course, my love for those with whom I would not be having children is extremely strong as well, so please don't think that I would only be interested in women who would consider having kids with me!

I can say, that since I last wrote, there are at least a couple of things I would like to bring to people's attention: 1) If you're polyamorous (or poly curious), and in the New York City (Manhattan) area on any second Monday of the month, check out Poly Cocktails held at The Delancey, located at 168 Delancey St., New York, NY 10002, starting at 7:00pm, and usually going on past midnight. You'll get to meet some amazing people who have embraced living honestly with their polyamorous disposition. 2) The Sexual Freedom Summit is coming! This year it will be held in Alexandria, VA August 14-17, 2014. (Note: the website has an error, saying that it's being held in Washington, D.C., but that was where we had it last year, and they just missed updating that part of the page)


I treated Lisa, Paula (my best friend), and her boyfriend, Rob, to "Mary Poppins". It's a great, magical show that's good for both kids and adults. Afterwards, we went to "Sardis" for dinner, and then dancing at The Pyramid Club.

It was a great night.


I got Lisa a kitten that she named "Mr. Crowley" after one of her favorite Ozzy Osbourne songs.


I moved into an apartment in Astoria, NY [Queens] with a friend named Lisa. Our first date was seeing "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" with Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette. Yes, Lisa was the woman I saw the show with in July. We had fun hanging out together, and enjoyed each other's company enough to share a place. However, even though we have been "close" at times, we are not what we want long term, so we both want people to know that we're still looking for our Life partners, and available!


Just got back from watching 4th of July fireworks in Hoboken, NJ. All was well until a cop threatened me to leave or have "trouble" because I was holding my sign, which he described as causing a "security concern." Guess he never heard of the 1st Amendment. I respect good cops, but cops like him lower the public's respect for the whole institution, which IS a security risk. I was done anyway, since the crowds were already gone. The funny thing is, several cops had already praised me for my creativity.

To answer the most common question I get, YES, my sign "works" as far as getting traffic to my site. The day after the Jon Stewart rally, I got over 2,500 hits to my site. I still haven't found the woman I'm looking for, but I realize that what I'm looking for is not common. And no, I'm not desparate. In fact, I had a nice date this weekend, taking her to a Broadway show ("How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"). I'm actually talking with her right now on the phone. She said I was her best 1st date ever (and she said I could say so). But she doesn't think she wants the kind of polyamorous lifestyle I'm looking for, so we'll "just" be friends. Mind you, I LOVE my friends, some intimately, some platonically. My friends would all tell you that I'm a great friend to have!

This page under development

I apologize for having to temporarily discontinue my blog (which admittedly, I had not been updating regularly), but it appears that hackers have targeted the blogs WordPress application, so I have to close it down until I can custom design a solution to reduce such abuse (I am a professional IT Consultant, so yes, I can do that, but it will take time, and my dating website is not my only project). Please consider instead writing to me so that we may begin a direct conversation regarding what we are both looking for out of life and relationships.

Thank you for your interest in reading my blog. Please write to me at, so I can keep you posted as to when I have it set up for my blog.

- Ray